Student--Wu Wenzhi

2020-11-18 08:49

As a national scholarship winner, Wu Wenzhi,a junior student from School of Mathematics,got 100 points for 5 courses and 90+ points in all professional courses. Besides the required courses, he also took an active part in competitions and achieved good results, such as the first prize of the 11th National Mathematics Competition for College Students and the grand prize in the 4th Mathematics Competition of Excellence 9 (mathematics). In his spare time, Wu Wenzhi participated in academic seminar for two semesters, explaining Mathematical Analysis A and Mathematical Analysis B respectively and offering academic guidance for the students of the School of Mathematics every week.

In addition to studying the knowledge in class seriously, Wu Wenzhi often expands his own knowledge. On the one hand, he often studies the contents of postgraduate entrance exams and competitions. On the other hand, he often previews subsequent courses to broaden his horizons and lay a foundation for the future. He returned to school in advance during the holiday to invest more time into his study.

When it comes to his learning experience, he thought that the key was to find a few reference books suitable for him. In addition, review was also important. He not only went over the knowledge he had learned, but also looked at some in-depth knowledge related to the current content to deepen his understanding. For the competition, Wu Wenzhi suggested to grasp the knowledge learned in the class first and then do more exercises to explore the rules.

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